Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spotlight on Larry Trapani - a Laundromat and Coin Laundry Insurance Provider

The Laundromat Success Program™ was created by Larry Trapani, and claims to save you money, enjoy more peace of mind, protect and grow your business.

Laundromat fire in progress from the web site of Larry Trapani
"Most successful Laundromat owners have purchased insurance, but they may left themselves unprotected in many ways," says Larry Trapani. "Many are so busy running their business that they address important insurance issues in a reactive fashion. “Larry goes on to state that he believes many Laundromats do not carry adequate insurance to re-open their business in the event of a major or catastrophic loss (such as a major fire.) Larry believes that many people may fail to carry adequate: 

   1. Business Interruption Insurance

   2. Auto Non-ownership Insurance

   3. Umbrella protection

Failing to carry enough coverage can leave the Laundromat owner unable to pay for the unexpected costs after a loss and and the loss of profit.

Larry feels that policies purchased by many owners only provide enough coverage to pay off the banks and lender (secured creditors). He calls this “The Washer-and-Dryer Insurance Trap,"

Larry has created and developed an innovative program to help the Laundromat owner create a detailed plan that ensures he can protect his Laundromat business, and Larry has therefore created The Laundromat Success Program™ to assist a Laundromat owner to easily access his insurance needs.

"We developed this planning process for clients who want to fully protect themselves and their businesses," Trapani says. "We help them understand more fully their current situation and clarify their goals for the future. Then we determine the best way to fully protect their business, and review all of the necessary strategies and tools."
This is certainly a unique and interesting approach to understanding Laundromat insurance needs and a “tip of the hat” should be directed to Larry for developing this program.

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